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The fastest and simplest way to index any file types (PDF, EXECEL, DOC) and search them within a website.

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JiFile, indexing your documents

With JiFile you can search within your documents in PDF, DOC, Excel, ODT, JPEG, MP3 and many others.

Easy to Install and Configure

All you need to use JiFile is in one installation package.
Configuring Jifile is simple and intuitive using the new version of the configuration panel. Just a few seconds and JiFile is ready to be used.

Save Time

Tired of having to create an article for indexing only a few keywords for each document ?
With JiFile it takes just a few minutes to index and search the contents of hundreds of documents.

Supported formats

JiFile supports many formats.
With JiFile you can index the contents of PDF, DOC, EXCEL or the metadata of multimedia files such as MP3, JPEG, AVI and many more.

Who we are

a beautiful reality

Was born in Milan in 2011 from developers and engineers to the highest professional standards. We pride ourselves on understanding your business’s, whilst maintaining the utmost standards of customer care and professionalism in everything we do.

We specialise in...

  • Software development
  • Mobile Applications
  • Digital Marketing

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JiFile makes it easy to add search functionality on documents to an application or website.

Free download

You can download Jifile for free.
Any extra cost.

Administrator Panel

JiFile presents a simple administrative interface that allows great ease of use.


Our forum and our good documentation will help you to find the solution at many problem.

Dedicated Support

We are always available to help you.
We consider support as important as our technology and delivery process.

Our achievements

We've made strong progress in the past years.






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What our customer say

Read JiFile's success stories from trusted sources. Our customers reviews help us improve make us proud of this we wanted to share

Who uses JiFile

Liverpool Public Library NIHCM Fondation AUIS Porsche University Montpellier UniversitĂ  di Pisa
Agile Association Olavarria University Bibliothek International Fisical Associetion El 3 de vuit UniversitĂ  delle Marche